1. Clarity

From the recording Something to Bleed

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Performed by Stephen Evans & the True Grits. Stephen Evans - vocal/acoustic rhythm guitar, Brian Shoemaker - tambourine, Sam Hess - drums, Woodstock - mandolin



Darkness is in bloom
Musty shadows loom
Such a dismal place without your face to see

Can't see through my pride
Sense of you is fried
With every foggy day
You fade away with me

Clarity, let's get coffee
Drink it black
Maybe find a way back
To a home
We were so in love

Off to work again
As though it never ends
Living a daydream
A fuzzy scene in blue

Hate my stupid phone
Mocks me when I'm alone
Sad machine won't ring
Or bring me closer to you


Sipping a high five
Feeling more alive
I raise my cup up high
And find some peace with you