1. Here I Am

From the recording Something to Bleed

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Performed by Stephen Evans & the True Grits. Stephen Evans - vocal/rhythm acoustic guitar, Brian Shoemaker - bass, Sam Hess - drums, and guest Grit, Halli Anderson - vocal/violin.


Here I Am

Thought I'd never see him again
Gone forever they said
Walked into the wooded trees
and lost his head

So I headed to the mountains
Searched along the treeline
Baying to the Moon Man
Above the ridge line

Oh where is he
Is he in my head
Oh I can't believe
He might be dead

I fell asleep by an old pine
Dreamt of far away places
So many thoughts of the old times
And all the old faces

Then I woke to the howling
Of distant wolves and coyotes
Made me feel I belonged there
With the critters and trees


So I searched over hill and dale
Through forests and small towns
Till I looked the mirror
And almost fell down

There he was inside of me
Screaming loudly to get out
Had I really forgotten it all
And drowned in self-doubt

Oh here I am
Back from the dead
And I do believe
It was all in my head