1. Sound

From the recording Something to Bleed

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Performed by Stephen Evans & the True Grits. Stephen Evans - vocal/rhythm acoustic guitar, Brian Shoemaker - bass, Sam Hess - drums, and guest Grits, Barbara Evans (my mom) - vocal, and Halli Anderson - violin.



Every time she sees me
Drops it all to greet me
Asks me how I'm feeling
I look weighted down

She says you've got to believe
Everything is an energy
Flows through us like a gentle breeze
Put your ear to the ground

Can you hear that sound
It's what I found
So I turn it up loud

Dreams will always guide you
She said never mind finding you a clue
Look inside for what is true
Just be that sound

Worry not or feel blue
It's there in the middle of you
Don't think you're one of the few
Who don't know what to do

Just be that sound
It's what I found
So turn it up loud

She lives up the road from me
She may be grey but shines with her honesty
Like an angel she comes down to me
Shares her world and all that she believes
She lives with sound
And turns it up loud

Ever time I see her
With a smile i greet her
And tell her of my fever
That pitch of sound

She says you're lucky in love
That sound from the heavens above
It fits you like a latex glove
You've got that sound

So don't mess around
It's what ya found
So I turn it up loud