1. The Ghost
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Performed by Stephen Evans & the True Grits. Stephen Evans - Vocal/rhythm acoustic guitar, Brian Shoemaker - bass, Sam Hess - drums, and guest Grit, Halli Anderson - violin.


The Ghost

I will play the lost one
Drowning in the mighty sea
You can play the lady
Looking sadly down at me
He can be the hero
Holding you in his arms
Telling you that he loves you
Dazzling you with his charms

I will be the ghost who haunts you two
I will be the ghost who changes your mood
I will be the ghost who scares the hell out of you

Oh at night when you dream
You'll only dream of me
I will tell you that I love you
You only scream let me be
Don't you call for that hero
I will scare him to his grave
With my ways and dark tricks
Your sweet soul he can't save


Oh at night when you love him
I will whisper in your ear
All our distant memories
He will only see your tears
He will try to play the hero
Saving you from the pain
Little does he know
That I'll be back time and time again