From the recording Something to Bleed

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Performed by Stephen Evans & the True Grits. Stephen Evans - vocal/rhythm acoustic guitar, Brian Shoemaker - bass, Sam Hess - drums, Woodstock - mandolin.


The Great Escape

Why don't we just run away
Find another place to live our days
Wash away our past in waterfalls
Wander through undiscovered halls

Come along with me
Swim in the seas of peace
Just leave this place
Wear a new face of grace

Why don't we just fly away
To another world and laugh and play
We'll have the time of our lives
See a golden pool take a dive

Let's live a dream
Let out a scream and beam
Let's drop it all
Go have a ball walk tall

Let's leave this many-horses town
Set our feet back on the ground
Feel Mother Earth beneath our soul
Streak across hot burning coal

Let's go today
The Great Escape today
Let's go today
So far away today

Let's go!