In the beginning of 2019, Stephen Evans joined the newly formed Western Carolina Writers, a singer-songwriter group that performs with the format of a "Songwriters in the Round" which each player takes turns performing their tunes.  Right now, the mainstays of the group are Nick Mac, Jesse Frizsell, and Stephen Evans.


With a shared passion for music and a knack for writing lyrics that stick to the ribs, the Western Carolina Writers take you on an emotional roller coaster from start to finish.


Here is the Western Carolina Writers show schedule!

Jesse Frizsell
Hailing from the mountains of western North Carolina, guitarist and songwriter Jesse Frizsell seamlessly combines aspects of modern and classic country with the smooth harmonies and feel heard in today’s biggest chart toppers, with driving rhythms, smooth harmonies and shimmering guitars. Frizsell has been a musician and songwriter for the majority of his life, in his own solo endeavors and as a leading member of local North Carolina bands.

Jesse has released 2 new singles in 2020, "I Love It When You Call Me Daddy "& his latest "Let's Get Lost",  a full-length album in 2019, “Rose Gold Renegades”, and a 2-Song EP “A Couple of Songs for Drinking” in 2018.  All of the above titles are available for streaming or download Apple Music and Spotify.

FB: Jesse Frizsell

Nick Mac
Candler native that has been influenced by just about anything under the sun but resides mostly in southern rock and country. Nick had a short run with the Apple Blue Horse Band. These days he's trying to make his way as a solo artist. His music is largely inspired by love, good times and personal experiences.  Nick is the talented leader of the Western Carolina Writers.
FB: Nick Mac Music

Stephen Evans
Stephen’s strong melodic songwriting style is a blend of creative imagery of darkness and hopeful optimism. There is no denying the passion that shines through with his powerful vocals and lyrics. Songs like ‘The Garden’, ‘Cherokee Hills’, ‘1000 Roses’ and ‘Shining Star’ are beacons of his folk rock song craft, and can be found on his LP released in 2015 called "Something to Bleed" and his EP called "Under the Bridge" released in 2017.  All titles and songs can be heard and or purchased on Apple Music, Spotify, True Grits Spotify and this website.  With some local radio play on WNCW 88.7 and 98.1 The River, and upcoming shows with the True Grits as well as solo shows spreading around the Southeast, be sure to check out what Stephen Evans wants to share with you. For more full bio and listening pleasure please visit: www.stephenevansmusic.com
FB: Stephen Evans Music


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