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gofundme added to record new album "buzz of bees"

Hello all! 

Stephen Evans here. The True Grits, and I are raising money to record, mix, master, and release our new album, which will be called "Buzz of Bees." This will be our 3rd album release, but this one is extra special because we are doing it all in a real professional studio in Asheville, NC called Side House Records to make this record sound as great as possible.

We already have all of the drums, bass and some guitar parts recorded. Now we just have to add the rest of the instrumentation to complete the recording process. I have estimated the rest of the cost to get it all done is around $6500. ( $3200 for recording and paying guest musicians, $2300 for mixing, and $1000 for mastering, I will provide at least $500 and I hope to raise $6000 more to complete the funding. Anyone who contributes $10 or more, will receive a download of the new album, and other merchandise like past albums and T-shirts in relation to the amount of their support if they want. No contribution is too small or large. :) Everyone who contributes and lets us know their name will get credit on the album notes! 

A little information about the album: This will be an 11-song album we are aiming to release in the Spring of 2022 which is appropriate to the the subject matter of the title track "Buzz of Bees." The True Grits consist of my friends: Brian Shoemaker on bass/vocals, Woodstock on mandolin, and Sam Hess on drums. Guest musicians will be more friends: Kate Bryant on violin, Aaron Price on Keyboards, and Derrick Johnson on trombone (though this isn't confirmed, I believe he would be happy to). Engineering will be mostly done by Julian Dreyer, and possibly some done by Lee Allen. Mastering will be done by Adam Matza of Magic Ears Mastering .

Thank you in advance to all that contribute!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 


New Album Recording Has Begun!

The True Grits complete the first day of recording

On Saturday, August 14th, the True Grits began recording tracks for their new album, "Buzz of Bees".  Sam Hess, Brian Shoemaker, and Stephen Evans completed the tracking for drums, bass, and about half of the rhythm guitar parts.  We were guided by the extraordinary engineer, Julian Dreyer.  Everything went really well!  

Songwriters Showcase w/ Stephen Evans, Scott Stetson and Tin Roof Echo

 — (EST, UTC-05) — (EST, UTC-05)

12 Bones Brewing, 2350 Hendersonville Rd, Arden, NC

Come out and hear 3 of Asheville's premier songwriters.

Stephen Evans: Stephen’s strong melodic songwriting style is a blend of creative imagery of darkness and hopeful optimism. There is no denying the passion that shines through with powerful vocals and lyrics. Songs like ‘The Garden’, ‘Cherokee Hills’, ‘1000 Roses’ and ‘Shining Star’ are beacons of his folk rock songcraft. With local radio play on WNCW 88.7, 98.1 The River, and the local online radio station, Buzz Radio Asheville, as well as shows around the Carolina region, Stephen Evans & the True Grits are becoming a local favorite. A new record is on the way for December 2021 so they look to continue that trend. Tin Roof Echo: Asheville-based singer-songwriter Joe Hooten has been playing his style of folk music as Tin Roof Echo since 2014. Hooten has released seven albums of original music and is prepping his next album for summer 2022. Currently he's performing solo, with Asheville's all-star punk band PINKEYE, and with Black Mountain's legendary Dark City Kings. Scott Stetson: Born and raised in Rochester N.Y. Scott had an early start by playing in some of Rochester’s most popular clubs while still in High School. Scott has played in multiple Asheville, N.C. bands, including the Dirty Badgers and Cat & Crow. Scott enjoys the opportunity to share the stripped down, emotional side of just a voice and acoustic guitar. Crafting honest songs about love, life, murder, and broken hearts.

Live Shows



Stephen Evans was a guest on the Buzz Radio Asheville - Backstage Pass Podcast.  Follow the link to listen to the full interview, and be sure to check out Buzz Radio Asheville!

New solo live Video

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