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Hello everyone!  How is everybody doing?  I sure miss playing live for you all, especially with my pals, the True Grits.  I cancelled a bunch of shows this past year due to the Coronavirus Pandemic as did most all musicians, bands and performers.  I am sure everyone understands given what is happening with the need to social distance and lessen contact to keep the Covid-19 spread from getting worse.  Make sure you visit the CDC for information and guidelines for protecting yourselves and others.

I started a new Patreon page and a Bandcamp membership.  Below are the links to those to join for some fun perks!

Please visit the Merch Store or if you feel compelled, feel free to tip via Venmo:  @Stephen-Evans-56, or Paypal:  stephendal@hotmail.com

Here is a link to Music Cares where you can also donate to help all those affected in the music biz.  Every little bit helps.

Thank you all for your support, love, generosity & understanding during this difficult time.  Much love and health to you all!

Stephen  (You can also tip via the Donate button below!)

Follow me on Bandcamp via the button below.  There are a couple subscription options as well.  :)

New solo live Video

Stephen Evans & the True Grits Promo Video

New Solo Performance Promo Video

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