Stephen Evans & the True Grits - Folk Rock

Stephen Evans & the True Grits

Folk Rock

After many years of vacillating between being a professional musician and building a nest in Asheville, NC, Stephen Evans finally asked his friends, Brian Shoemaker (bass), Sam Hess (drums), and Woodstock (mandolin), to form the True Grits and make some music together in 2014. 

The very next year, Stephen Evans & the True Grits released their first LP "Something to Bleed".  Inspired to release more music, they followed two years later with their EP "Under the Bridge."  Both records have received local and regional praise for their passion and creativity. 

Stephen's strong melodic songwriting style is a blend of vivid imagery, darkness, and hopeful optimism.  There's no denying the feeling that shines through with his evocative vocals and lyrics.  Songs like ‘Ghost Among the Trees’, 'The Garden', 'Cherokee Hills', 'Shining Star', and '1000 Roses' are beacons of his folk rock song craft. With radio play on Western North Carolina radio stations, as well as shows around the region, Stephen Evans & the True Grits are becoming a local favorite.   

"Buzz of Bees" is their latest album, released in December of 2022, of folk rock with some songs dipping their toes into other styles like Americana, Latin Folk, and Vaudeville.  Singles from the LP, ‘Ghost Among the Trees’, ‘Winning the Day’, and ‘Estefania’, are already receiving radio play on local stations as well as national online radio and music podcasts.  Look for Stephen Evans & the True Grits playing fun live shows all around the area to support this beautiful album.


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