From the recording Something to Bleed

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Performed by Stephen Evans & the True Grits. Stephen Evans - vocal/rhythm acoustic guitar, Brian Shoemaker - bass/lead electric guitar, Sam Hess - drums.


Give It Your Heart

Last time your hoped
You let it burn in fire
Last time your dreamed
You lost your heart's desire

Now you've found your way
Back to the path you strayed
Dare you dream it all again
Give it your heart my friend
One more time my friend

Classic tale plastic knife
Cuts like rubber through your steel
Rusted pale holding life
Carries water to your field


Don't let fear lead the way
Raise your head through the rain
Pump the thunder through your veins
Free your mind feed your brain

Show me what you got
Don't you linger in the past
This is your last big shot
So make it good last

Chorus - Give it your heart my friend